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Super capacitor apply on dc power supply of power system
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With high reliability discharge capacity, supercapacitors have been gradually adopted by the power industry ,and the power automation application represented by FTU has been applied and popularized by leading enterprises in many industries. With the const

With high reliability discharge capacity, supercapacitors have been gradually adopted by the power industry ,and the power automation application represented by FTU has been applied and popularized by leading enterprises in many industries. With the constantly understanding of supercapacitors in the power industry, the supercapacitor dc power supply solution has been fully matured and has been tested in practice.

The main features of BIGCAP super capacitors on DC power supply

Ultra-low internal resistance, high power density, high output current capacity to ensure the reliability of the switching on;

Long cycle life of charging and discharging (up to one million times), normal service life is up to 10 years;

Wide working temperature -40 ℃ to + 85℃ ;

Short charging time, It can be charged in several seconds to minutes;

Small size, light weight, convenient installation, high reliability, long - term use without maintenance;

The raw material of super capacitor is safe and non - toxic, green and easy to recycle;

Suitable super capacitor modules can be customized according to customers' requirements;

In a electrical power system, terminal station and small stations are usually systems that only provide current for switch on/off the divide-shut brake, the supercapacitor module can be used as power supply, The supercapacitor Banks only lead-out positive and negative terminals and equip with external charging units (to charge a capacitor is simple, it can be charged by a small current and also can be quickly charged by a large current, even short circuit discharge will not affect its performance and life), The positive and negative end can be directly connected to the input end of the switch. In a electrical power system, For those switches which adopt relays, the current for divide-shut brake is very small, normally there are several DC switches: at terminal station and small stations, dc power supplies usually only provide breaking and closing current for switches without any other load. In the middle station, the power distribution terminal and the communication module should be maintained for at least 2-15 minutes in addition to the support of switching and closing brake. According to the requirement of dc power supply in power system, using supercapacitor modules with capacity of 29.7v 9F, 29.7v 36F or 54V 5.0f can both satisfy separate operations between difference terminals and the maintainance of power distribution terminal and communication module for at least 15 minutes.

The following technical indicators can be achieved

Ensure the "break-close-break" operation for 3 times, and maintain the power distribution terminal and communication module running for at least 15 minutes. The service life of the super capacitor is more than 6 years.

Terminal power consumption (including communication module) : no more than 12W (maximum is 15W);

Temperature requirement: -40c ~ + 70c;

Module voltage grade: 29.7v

Module structure and size can be customized according to requirements

In the electrical power system, by connecting multiple super capacitors in series to raise the voltage to the required level to form a module, high reliability electronic device balance design is adopted internally to ensure the working voltage of each capacitor is within its rated voltage and the high reliability of super capacitor module is obtained. Due to the high energy density compared to ordinary capacitors and the high current output function, super capacitor is the best energy storage device for a variety of short-time dc power supply switching systems.

Super capacitor is a kind of energy device with long life and high reliability. Under normal circumstances, it can have a cycle life of more than 500,000 times and a working life of more than 10 years. Even  in power systems that require high reliability, it can has a life of  at least eight years. Considering the high reliability, strong power characteristics, high and low temperature properties(,can be in - 40 to + 85 ℃ ) super capacitor has, it is very suitable to be used in electric power system when the temperature difference is very large in our country.

In the past, batteries were used as dc power supply in the power system, but batteries often need to be maintained, and the experience show that completely maintenance-free batteries cannot meet the requirements of long-term service, especially in the power control field , where few charging and discharging happens at ordinary times, the battery is completely floating for a long time, batteries damage very frequently. The super capacitor can be in the state of high voltage charge or low voltage loss for a long time, which has no too much influence on the performance. It is a completely maintenance-free device and does not need regular charging and discharging maintenance.  Due to the battery is normally in a state of charging and non-discharging, even if the internal electrode plate has deteriorated, its terminal voltage is still in a similar state to the voltage of a good battery, so it is difficult to judge and replace in time. However, once a larger current discharge is required, the terminal voltage will immediately fall off a lot, which cannot release electricity and provide energy for the DC part. This often makes the battery is good when it is not used at ordinary times, and when it is used at a critical time, failure and damage will occur. Therefore, the breaking and closing function of brake is not reliable and stable. The terminal voltage of super capacitor can directly reflect its internal electricity quantity, even if there are unexpected failure, the exact status can be reflected by detecting the voltage so that the breaking and closing function will be more reliable and stable. Usually the battery’s life time is less than 5 years. In fact, it is difficult to achieve full maintenance, and there is also a great impact of high and low temperature outdoors, the battery will often start to damage in about half a year and mass damage will occur in about 2 years. And super capacitor has a wide working temperature of 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ and a long service life which can be as high as 10 year under the condition of normal use, and under the same conditions lower voltage will cause longer service life.

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